Other Service Fees

Account Activity printout




Account Closure

$10.00 if account closed


within 180 days



Account Research

$25.00/Hour Minimum


charge of $25.00



Account Reconciliation

$25.00/Hour Minimum


Charge of $25.00



Deposited Item Return




Fax (Incoming/Outgoing)




Items Sent For Collection




Statement Copy




Teller's Check




Western Union




Wire transfer (Outgoing)




Dormant/Inactive Account

$10.00 No activity after 6


months and returned



Auto Overdraft transfer




Debit Card Replacement

$5.00 1st card
$20.00 each after that



Copies of Checks




Annual IRA Maintenance




IRA Closeout




Gift Card




Gift Card Re-load




Check Cashing(Non Member)

1% of amt of check



Loan Payment by Phone




EFT Fees


ACH Overdraft




Card Replacement

$5.00 1st card
$20.00 each after that



Debit Card Overdraft




Share Draft Account Fees









Overdraft protection




Returned Item




Stop payment




Tempory Checks

$5.00/ for 4, 8, or 12 checks



The rates and fees appearing with this Schedule are accurate as of the last dividend declaration date indicated on this truth-in-Savings Disclosure. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.

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